• SiteWyze.com – The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

    Web development is a broad field of work and study. It encompasses the design and development of simple web pages to some of the most complex web-based applications and other platforms. In contrast, web design mainly deals with the design of websites, which encompasses the look and feel of a site design. Both web development and web design complement each other. Though, both fields of study and trade aren’t the same. Whereas web development deals with development, web design is naturally about design. Therefore, both fields have quite a few significant differences.

    Web development is a different ‘animal’ than web design. It involves the ‘mechanics’ of a website, meaning it involves the building and execution of web code and mark-up. In other words, web development is a process that develops the underlying aspects of website. Web developers program or write the code for web pages. They ultimately focus on how websites work, rather than focus on how it looks. Some aspects of web development are melding design elements into its process, such as responsive web design, though it’s not entirely applicable to most of web development.

    Web developers usually have several skill sets, which allow them to work with several aspects of web development. Most know multiple web programming languages, including HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, C++ and MySQL. While web developers may have a role in helping decide a site layout (to determine the site’s mechanics), the design is ultimately up to a web designer. Web designers design web pages. They focus on establishing the overall look and feel of a website, rather than deal exclusively with web code and mark-up.

    Most web designers actually design graphics and other site assets in a graphics program before coding the assets to work on a website. They also employ the use of various tools to more or less automate the design and development process, such as site templates or content management systems. Web designers are known to handle some web development tasks, though they’re ultimately responsible for handling web design.

    Web design is the process of designing a website, in addition to the planning of the process itself. Throughout the web design process, a web designer works to create and modify essential site elements, such as user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, imagery, information architecture and colors to achieve a final result that suits the website owner. Web design firms like http://sitewyze.com handle web design and web development for their clients.